Definition of Tiger snake

1. Noun. Highly venomous brown-and-yellow snake of Australia and Tasmania.

Exact synonyms: Notechis Scutatus
Generic synonyms: Elapid, Elapid Snake
Group relationships: Genus Notechis, Notechis

Definition of Tiger snake

1. Noun. Any of several large venomous Australian snakes of the genus ''Notechis''. ¹

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Literary usage of Tiger snake

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Australian Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil: Drawn from Pen and Pencil by Howard Willoughby (1886)
"THE TIGER-SNAKE. Amongst the game of southern forests the wonga-wonga and bronze- wing pigeons are two really splendid birds, the latter as large as an ..."

2. The Boy Travellers in Australasia: Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to by Thomas Wallace Knox (1889)
"The most vicious and dangerous is the tiger snake, which seems to be allied to the cobra-de-capello of India, as, ..."

3. Austral English: A Dictionary of Australasian Words, Phrases, and Usages by Edward Ellis Morris (1898)
"Tiger-Snake. Name applied in Australia and Tasmania to Hoplocephalus ... I : "On Tuesday a tiger-snake was seen opposite the door of the Sand- ridge police ..."

4. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria by Royal Society of Victoria (1893)
"One grain of tiger snake venom, if injected fairly into the skin, would be approximately a dangerous dose. It is, however, quite possible that a snake ..."

5. Report on the Effects of Artificial Respiration, Intravenous Injection of by India (1874)
"... obtained by poisoning dogs with graduated doses of the virus of the Indian cobra and daboia, and the Australian tiger snake Hoplocephalus curtus, ..."

6. Australian Byways: The Narrative of a Sentimental Traveler by Norman Duncan (1915)
"The tiger-snake comes at you; but the death-adder, he's a slow, stupid beast—lies still and bites when you tread on him. There's the black snake, too, ..."

7. Australian Byways: The Narrative of a Sentimental Traveler by Norman Duncan (1915)
"It had been a mild abrasion: for these snakes— the black snake and tiger-snake and death-adder in particular—are more virulently poisonous than the ..."

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