Definition of Time and motion study

1. Noun. An analysis of a specific job in an effort to find the most efficient method in terms of time and effort.

Definition of Time and motion study

1. Noun. an analysis of the motions used in an industrial process with an aim to improve efficiency and productivity ¹

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Literary usage of Time and motion study

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Scientific Management and Labor by Robert Franklin Hoxie (1915)
"The General Character and Effect of Time and Motion Study.—Mr. Emerson subscribes to the general statement that time and motion study is necessary to secure ..."

2. Principles of Industrial Organization by Dexter Simpson Kimball (1913)
"Standard Performances, Time and Motion Study (Item A). What has been said of the average workman's ideas regarding feeds and speeds is equally true of his ..."

3. Principles of Business by Charles William Gerstenberg (1918)
"Preservation and use of knowledge gained by time- and-motion study.—Obviously, when by means of time- and-motion study have been discovered the best methods ..."

4. Readings in Industrial Society: A Study in the Structure and Functioning of by Leon Carroll Marshall (1918)
"This view of time and motion study, however, accords ill with the later and enlarged ... In the first place, time and motion study, according to this later ..."

5. Personnel Relations in Industry by Algie Martin Simons (1921)
"Time and Motion Study When all possible has been done to insure the ... This is done in thousands of plants under the name of "time and motion study. ..."

6. Transactions of the International Engineering Congress, 1915 (1916)
"Need of greater refinements in order to meet modern conditions. Modern instruments available for the present student of time and motion study: the ..."

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