Definition of Time loan

1. Noun. A loan that is payable on or before a specified date.

Generic synonyms: Loan

Definition of Time loan

1. Noun. A loan that must be repaid by a certain time. ¹

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Literary usage of Time loan

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Principles of Political Economy by Simon Newcomb (1885)
"The ultimate effects are of course different, owing to the repayment of time loan. When a tax is paid, the transaction between time payer and time ..."

2. The Ontario Reports: Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the Queen's by Ontario High Court of Justice, Ontario, High Court of Justice (1885)
"It also appears that when such arrangement for a " time loan " has been made the pledgor may sell his shares at any time, and the pledgee may stipulate that ..."

3. The American Year Book: A Record of Events and Progress by Francis Graham Wickware, (, Albert Bushnell Hart, (, Simon Newton Dexter North, William M. Schuyler (1913)
"Commercial paper and time loan rates moved up to 6 cent, for short maturities. Every of a strained credit situation furnished by the movements of rates. ..."

4. Bank Book-keeping: A Text-book for Business Schools and for Private Students by Silas Sadler Packard, Silas Sadler Packard, 1826-1898 (1897)
"Charge time loan No. FORM OF CHARGE TICKET (LOANS). I When time and demand loans are paid the loan clerk issues a credit ticket from which the general ..."

5. The Investor's Catechism by Marcus Mathias Reynolds (1909)
"What is a time loan ? In Wall Street it is money borrowed for a specified period, ordinarily not less than 30 days, nor more than six months. ..."

6. The American Accountants' Manual: Vol. I- Examination Questions by Frank Broaker (1915)
"A bank cannot be expected to make a time loan against fixed plant or capital expenditures and when it does, confidence is the main security. ..."

7. Money and Investments; a Reference Book for the Use of Those Desiring by Montgomery Rollins (1907)
"time loan. A form of borrowing where the agreement between the borrower and the lender sets a definite time at which the loan shall be paid, ..."

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