Definition of Tined

1. Adjective. Having prongs or tines; usually used in combination. "A three-tined fork"

Exact synonyms: Pronged
Similar to: Divided

Definition of Tined

1. a. Furnished with tines; as, a three-tined fork.

Definition of Tined

1. Adjective. Furnished with tines. ¹

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Definition of Tined

1. tine [v] - See also: tine

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Literary usage of Tined

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History by American Museum of Natural History (1906)
"25800, Espirito de Santos Mts. Antlers j-tined, the lower tine of the right ... Unusually long, 4-tined antlers. (Subapical tine of right antler broken off. ..."

2. History of the War with America, France, Spain, and Holland: Commencing in by John Andrews (1786)
"... def- tined for Gibraltar. To this neglect in their ally, they attributed the continuation of the fiege, ..."

3. Poems of Gun and Rod by Ernest McGaffey (1892)
"And then from a balsam thicket Came the sound of a sudden crash, And a twelve-tined buck sprang out and stood By the side of a quaking ash. ..."

4. Deseret Sunday School Songs: For the Use of Sunday Schools and Suitable for by Deseret Sunday School Union (1909)
"... ci - pies our souls in - spir - ing, That were des - tined men to save, Hast-'ning on to fill their pla - ces, At their teach-er's kind re - quest. ..."

5. A Dictionary, Spanish and English, and English and Spanish: Containing the Giuseppe Marco Antonio Baretti by Giuseppe Marco Antonio Baretti (1809)
"... of sheep jn a place des tined to it. ' ' • •. ' • Jamón, sm a gammon of bacon, я ham. Jangada, ». f. pieces/of timber in a ship,so ..."

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