Definition of Tissues

1. Noun. (plural of tissue) ¹

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Definition of Tissues

1. tissue [v] - See also: tissue

Medical Definition of Tissues

1. Aggregations of similarly specialised cells united in the performance of a particular function. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Tissues

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Monographic Medicine by William Robie Patten Emerson, Guido Guerrini, William Brown, Wendell Christopher Phillips, John Whitridge Williams, John Appleton Swett, Hans Günther, Mario Mariotti, Hugh Grant Rowell (1916)
""Obesity" is a term applied to several different conditions, which have, in common, an excessive development of the fatty tissues of the body. ..."

2. A Text-book of Physiology for Medical Students and Physicians by William Henry Howell (1911)
"Exchange of Gases in the tissues.—The arterial blood passes to the tissues nearly saturated with oxygen so far as the hemoglobin is concerned, ..."

3. History of Civilization in England by Henry Thomas Buckle (1866)
"He lays it down, that the body of man consists of twenty-one distinct tissues, all of which, though essentially different, ..."

4. American Journal of Physiology by American Physiological Society (1887- ). (1913)
"fT has long been known that the coagulation of blood is hastened by contact with the tissues. This fact has been demonstrated by ..."

5. College zoology by Robert William Hegner (1918)
"tissues The somatic or body cells of the METAZOA are of various kinds, ... The many different kinds of tissues may be classified according to their ..."

6. Methods of Practical Hygiene by Karl Bernhard Lehmann (1893)
"THERMIC PROPERTIES OF WET tissues. § 422. The above-described methods render it possible to examine the effects of wet tissues upon our thermic economy. ..."

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