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Literary usage of To what degree

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Law of Railways: Embracing Corporations, Eminent Domain, Contracts by Isaac Fletcher Redfield (1867)
"Illustration, from an English case, as to what degree of evidence will charge the owner of goods with knowledge of conditions inserted in the bill of lading ..."

2. The Gentleman's Magazine (1791)
"... of their grandmothers—to what degree of afcent it is not in my power to calculate. ... to what degree ..."

3. The Monist by Hegeler Institute (1898)
"It would be curious to know to what degree his internal sensibility enters into his acts, to what degree man yields to the blind impulse which leads him to ..."

4. The History of Rome by Livy (1888)
"On this occasion it appeared to what degree of violence anger can stimulate men ; for the Romans fought with such a desire of slaughter, rather than of ..."

5. The Letters of the Earl of Chesterfield to His Son by Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope, Charles Strachey, Annette Calthrop (1901)
"The knowledge of the world will teach you to what degree you ought to show ce que vans vales. One must by no means, on one hand, be indifferent about it; ..."

6. Therapeutic Gazette (1891)
"... unless the section be very low, and noting if the pressure still rise and to what degree. Numerous experiments were made to decide this point ; but, ..."

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