Definition of Toilet-trained

1. Adjective. (of children) trained to use the toilet.

Exact synonyms: Pot-trained, Potty-trained
Similar to: Trained

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Literary usage of Toilet-trained

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. National Health and Safety Performance Standards: Guidelines for Out-of-Home by DIANE Publishing Company (1990)
"... intestines (often with diarrhea) or liver and hepatitis A is the presence of young children who are not toilet- trained.29 '» Contamination of hands, ..."

2. The ABCs of Safe & Healthy Child Care: A Handbook for Child Care Providers by Cynthia M. Hale, Jacqueline A. Polder (2000)
"... who are not toilet trained and have diarrhea should be excluded from child care settings regardless of the cause. Diarrhea is spread from person to ..."

3. Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow (2006)
"... walk during those days — the same premonition that made him perfectly toilet-trained at home would have him in fretting sweats at the foreknowledge that ..."

4. Prevention Plus III: Assessing Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Programs at by Jean A. Linney, Abraham Wandersman (1993)
"Children who are toilet trained early will be smarter and better behaved when they get older. True False 29. Telling your child exactly what you expect from ..."

5. Abandoned to the State: Cruelty and Neglect in Russian Orphanages by Kathleen Hunt (1999)
""Only a few are toilet-trained, but how could they be? They can't even sit up to sit on the potty."219 Human Rights Watch asked the nurse and a sanitarka ..."

6. What Society Does to Girls by Joyce Nicholson (1975)
"They are never shown dirty, grizzling, fighting, screaming, with running noses, refusing to be toilet trained. It is in the interests of the decision-makers ..."

7. Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow (2005)
"Avarice was five, not toilet trained, and prone to tripping. I'd get Marta novelty coffee from the ..."

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