Definition of Tongue twister

1. Noun. An expression that is difficult to articulate clearly. "`rubber baby buggy bumper' is a tongue twister"

Generic synonyms: Expression, Locution, Saying

Definition of Tongue twister

1. Noun. (alternative form of tongue-twister) ¹

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Literary usage of Tongue twister

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Basic Math Skills Grade 4 by Wes Tuttle (2003)
"tongue twister M ame Find the next figure in each pattern below. ... Read the tongue twister and try to say it quickly three times. ..."

2. Poetry Patternsby Jo Ellen Moore by Jo Ellen Moore (1999)
"tongue twister poetry is a silly statement in which all words begin with the ... Copy and illustrate your best tongue twister here. A tongue twister by ^A ..."

3. Basic Math Skills Grade 5 by Wes Tuttle (2003)
"tongue twister #3 Complete each division problem below and keep track of the ... The letters will spell out a tongue twister when read from the top to the ..."

4. Basic Math Skills Grade 6 by Wes Tuttle (2003)
"tongue twister #5 Name Complete each division problem below. ... The letters will spell out a tongue twister. Once you have the tongue twister completed, ..."

5. Writing Centers, Grades 5-6 by Sandi Johnson (2007)
"Choose your favorite tongue twister. Say it really fast three times in a row. ... Have a friend say each tongue twister three times, saying it faster each ..."

6. Math, Grade 5 by Jo Ellen Moore (2005)
"subtraction Using Regrouping To find the tongue twister, solve each subtraction problem. ... The letters will spell out the tongue twister. ..."

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