Definition of Toxic industrial waste

1. Noun. Poisonous waste materials; can cause injury (especially by chemical means).

Exact synonyms: Toxic Waste
Generic synonyms: Waste, Waste Material, Waste Matter, Waste Product

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Literary usage of Toxic industrial waste

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nuclear Energy Today by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2003)
"1 000 million m3 toxic industrial waste approx. 10 million m3 Radioactive waste 50 000 m 3 Source: Nuclear and Renewable Energies (Rome: Accademia Nazionale ..."

2. The State of the Environment edited by [Anonymus AC00182727] (1991)
"Other kinds of pressure affect the entire catchment area, such as toxic industrial waste, often in uncontrolled dump sites; cooling water from power ..."

3. Public Confidence in the Management of Radioactive Waste: The Canadian by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2003)
"The presence of toxic industrial waste in the community also became visible in a cow found "belly up" downstream from the Welcome site. where arsenic tused ..."

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