Definition of Tracheal

1. Adjective. Relating to or resembling or functioning like a trachea.

Partainyms: Trachea
Derivative terms: Trachea, Trachea

Definition of Tracheal

1. a. Of or pertaining to the trachea; like a trachea.

Definition of Tracheal

1. Adjective. Of or pertaining to the ''trachea''. ¹

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Definition of Tracheal

1. trachea [adj] - See also: trachea

Medical Definition of Tracheal

1. Relating to the trachea. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Tracheal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Plant Anatomy from the Standpoint of the Development and Functions of the by William Chase Stevens (1916)
"Wherever a medullary ray comes into contact with a tracheal tube or tracheid there are pits or thin areas in the common wall separating them through which ..."

2. The Mosquitoes of North and Central America and the West Indies by Leland Ossian Howard, Harrison Gray Dyar, Frederick Knab (1912)
"THE tracheal SYSTEM. There are two main tracheal trunks, passing along each ... The abdominal spiracles are very small and the tracheal trunks are much more ..."

3. An Introduction to Entomology by John Henry Comstock (1920)
"The tracheal Gills In the immature Fig. 137. ... insects mentioned above, the air in the body is purified by means of organs known as tracheal gills. ..."

4. Text-book of the Embryology of Invertebrates by Eugen Korschelt, Karl Heider, Edward Laurens Mark, William McMichael Woodworth, Matilda Bernard, Martin Fountain Woodward (1899)
"The fact that the tracheal system undergoes important transformation during ... The tracheal strands connected with the latter, as well as some other parts ..."

5. Physical Diagnosis by Richard Clarke Cabot (1909)
"the left primary bronchus in such a way that when the aorta is dilated, the bronchus is pressed upon with each expansile pulsation tracheal ..."

6. Elementary Text-book of Zoology by K[arl] Claus, F. G. Heathcote, Carl F. Claus (1884)
"Larva of an Ephemeral fly with seven pairs of tracheal (fills K>, ... tracheal system at the Bides of the alimentary canal of an Agrion larva (after L. ..."

7. Pye's Surgical Handicraft: A Manual of Surgical Manipulations, Minor Surgery by Walter Pye (1893)
"(The third blade can be removed if so desired.) of all, with Guiding Bird's tracheal dilator (Fig. 178). In FlG. l'iS.—Golding Bird's tracheal Dilator. ..."

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