Definition of Track down

1. Verb. Pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals). "The men track down for animals in the area"; "The Duke hunted in these woods"

Exact synonyms: Hunt, Hunt Down, Run
Specialized synonyms: Snipe, Whale, Ambush, Still-hunt, Turtle, Drive, Drive, Rabbit, Fowl, Poach, Seal, Ferret, Course, Foxhunt, Jack, Jacklight, Hawk, Falcon, Fowl, Forage, Scrounge
Related verbs: Hunt, Run
Generic synonyms: Capture, Catch
Derivative terms: Hunt, Hunt, Hunter, Hunting, Hunting

Definition of Track down

1. Verb. (idiomatic) To hunt for or locate; to search for; to find. ¹

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Literary usage of Track down

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Landscapes of Samos: A Countryside Guide by Brian Anderson, Eileen Anderson (2002)
"Follow this track down into the valley bottom, where the river crossing point is further back upstream. If there has been heavy rain, the river may be ..."

2. The Diseases of Children, Medical and Surgical by Henry Ashby, George Arthur Wright (1896)
"... or burrows forwards between tb* layers of the abdominal wall. Once it has reached the thigh, matter rru, track down it for an indefinite distance. ..."

3. The Diseases of children, medical and surgical: Medical and Surgical by Henry Ashby, George Arthur Wright (1889)
"In the lower cervical and upper dorsal regions the abscesses, if they exist, rarely point externally, but if they do so either track down the spine and ..."

4. The Ontario Reports: Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the Queen's by Ontario High Court of Justice (1887)
"... except putting the track down ; we are not bound to put the track down; therefore the effect of the certificate is, that we have done all the work, ..."

5. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in Ohio Courts of Record by Robert D. Handy, William Disney (1899)
"Now, here the right never existed for him to put a track down at all; that is plain. He does not claim that he has a right to go there and put a track down ..."

6. Outback in Australia: Or, Three Australian Overlanders; Being an Account of by Kilroy Harris (1913)
"At the head of the narrow, rocky track, down which the cattle were wont ... The track down to Devlin's Pound was so precipitous that the teamsters were ..."

7. Minutes and Testimony of the Joint Legislative Committee Appointed to by New York (State), Legislature (1916)
"... track down the West Side, two-track down the East Side, and that was promptly, and as, in the light of events, properly rejected. ..."

8. Annual Report of the Railroad Commissioner of the State of Virginia by Virginia Railroad Commissioner (1881)
"Near 47th mile post, material train ran over two cows and was thrown from track down an embankment. ED Baker, conductor, and Spencer Jones (colored), ..."

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