Definition of Trade deficit

1. Noun. An excess of imports over exports.

Generic synonyms: Deficit

Definition of Trade deficit

1. Noun. (economics) A negative balance of trade. ¹

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Literary usage of Trade deficit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Pacific by Ranginui Walker, William M. Sutherland (1988)
"More than any other aspect of US policy, the trade deficit and the protectionist ... Protectionism and the US trade deficit The primary target of US ..."

2. The Economic and Budget Outlook: Fiscal Years, 1999-2008 edited by Sherry Snyder (1998)
"Ratio of real US trade deficit to real GDP, both in chained 1992 dollars. b. Ratio of nominal US trade deficit to nominal GDP. ..."

3. U.S. Trade Strategy: Challenges and Choices: A Critical Policy Choice by Daniel W. Drezner (2005)
"Not surprisingly, since 1998 the growth in the US trade deficit has been ... That suggests, at first glance, that a large trade deficit could be a natural ..."

4. Future Visions for U.S. Trade Policy by Bruce Stokes (1998)
"As a result, the US goods and services trade deficit, which has been rising ... More important, the merchandise trade deficit—reflecting a growing trade ..."

5. Making Things Better: Competing in Manufacturing (1993)
"Symptoms of America's problems are clearly visible: the merchandise trade deficit remains stubbornly high, despite significant downward adjustment of the ..."

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