Definition of Transit zone

1. Noun. A six million square mile area that includes the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Pacific Ocean; includes the principal routes used by drug smugglers.

Generic synonyms: Geographical Zone, Zone

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Literary usage of Transit zone

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. National Drug Control Strategy: A Ten Year Plan 1998-2007 by Barry McCaffrey (1998)
"Interdiction of Drugs in the transit zone Drugs coming to the United States from South America ... This transit zone includes the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, ..."

2. Drug Control: Observations on Elements of the Federal Drug Control Strategy by Weldon McPhail (1999)
"A recent study conducted for ONDCP examined the impact of more resources in disrupting the flow of drugs in the transit zone.71 The study estimated that ..."

3. National Drug Control Strategy (1997) by Barry R. McCaffrey (1997)
"In the "transit zone" of the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and the eastern Pacific waters, US interdiction seeks to prevent traffickers from moving ..."

4. Non-Combat Roles for the U.S. Military in the Post Cold-War Era by James R. Graham (1993)
"The transit zone is the area off-shore from the United States through which illegal shipments pass en route to the maritime approaches to this country. ..."

5. National Drug Control Policy: Interdiction Efforts in Florida and the edited by J. Dennis Hastert (2001)
"Furthermore, Coast drug law enforcement in the transit zone directly supports the President's recent Caribbean initiative unveiled during his visit to the ..."

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