Definition of Transparency

1. Noun. Permitting the free passage of electromagnetic radiation.

Exact synonyms: Transparence
Generic synonyms: Physical Phenomenon
Derivative terms: Transparent, Transparent, Transparent
Antonyms: Opacity

2. Noun. The quality of being clear and transparent.
Exact synonyms: Transparence, Transparentness
Generic synonyms: Clarity, Clearness, Uncloudedness
Specialized synonyms: Limpidity, Pellucidity, Pellucidness
Derivative terms: Transparent, Transparent, Transparent, Transparent

3. Noun. Picture consisting of a positive photograph or drawing on a transparent base; viewed with a projector.
Exact synonyms: Foil
Generic synonyms: Icon, Ikon, Image, Picture
Specialized synonyms: Lantern Slide, Slide, Overhead, Viewgraph

Definition of Transparency

1. n. The quality or condition of being transparent; transparence.

Definition of Transparency

1. Noun. a transparent object. ¹

2. Noun. ''specifically'', a transparent material with an image on it, that is viewable by shining light through it. ¹

3. Noun. (figuratively) openness, degree of accessibility to view ¹

4. Noun. the quality of being transparent; transparence. ¹

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Definition of Transparency

1. [n -CIES]

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Literary usage of Transparency

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Landmines: A Deadly Legacy by Arms Project (Human Rights Watch), Physicians for Human Rights (U.S.) (1993)
"Even in the absence of international transparency, however, unilateral national action to ... Leadership by the United States toward greater transparency is ..."

2. A Treatise on Mineralogy by Charles Upham Shepard (1857)
"transparency.—The relative quantity of light which is transmitted through the substance of minerals constitutes the degrees of transparency. ..."

3. Regulatory Reform in Denmark by Oecd (2000)
"transparency and openness of decision-making transparency in regulatory ... transparency can be ensured by providing full opportunities for comments on ..."

4. Elements of Chemistry: Theoretical and Practical by William Allen Miller (1877)
"PHOTOGRAPHIC transparency. times as long as the chemical spectrum obtainable from the sun itself. (1275) Photographic transparency of various Media. ..."

5. The Art Teaching of John Ruskin by William Gershom Collingwood (1891)
"transparency and Value. — The second use of these instruments is to shade, and here Mr. Ruskin's teaching differs widely from that usually given, ..."

6. How to Work with the Microscope by Lionel Smith Beale (1870)
"On the Difficulty of Seeing Structures from their transparency.— Another fallacy arises from the great transparency of certain structures. ..."

7. Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal (1807)
"On handling and pressing the eye-ball afterwards^ ^he-cornea soon regained its transparency; and he was led to infer, that the injection was forced back by ..."

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