Definition of Trapa natans

1. Noun. A variety of water chestnut.

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Literary usage of Trapa natans

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States: Canada and the British by Nathaniel Lord Britton, Addison Brown (1897)
"trapa natans L. Swimming Water-nut. Water-Chestnut. Water-Caltrop. (Fig. 2612.) trapa natans L. Sp. Pl. 120. 1753. Rooting in the mud at the bottom of lakes ..."

2. Text-book of Botany, Morphological and Physiological by Julius Sachs (1882)
"In trapa natans the primary root soon becomes abortive, lateral roots arising at ... In trapa natans, for example, it is as follows:—A group of cells of the ..."

3. Bulletin of the Geological Institution of the University of Uppsala by Uppsala universitet Mineralogisk-geologiska institutionen (1897)
"Cependant le plus grand intérêt s'attache au trapa natans L., forme bientôt tout à fait disparue du nord de l'Europe. Dans nos tourbières on l'a trouvé sur ..."

4. How Crops Grow: A Treatise on the Chemical Composition, Structure and Life by Samuel William Johnson (1900)
"In case of the trapa natans, we cannot suppose all the iron to be essential, because the larger share of it exists in the tissues as a brown powdery oxide ..."

5. The Origin of Plant Structures by Self-adaptation to the Environment by George Henslow (1895)
"... describes the formation of lacunae in the cortex of trapa natans as being ... du trapa natans, Ann. des Sei. Nat., Ser. 3, 1848, p. 228, PI. 13, figs. ..."

6. Bulletin of Pharmacy (1893)
"trapa natans is the European species yielding the " Jesuits' nut " of Venice. T. bicor- nis is the Chinese species, and affords the " ling "f of that ..."

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