Definition of Tree house

1. Noun. A playhouse built in the branches of a tree.

Generic synonyms: Playhouse, Wendy House

Definition of Tree house

1. Noun. (Chiefly American English) a recreational structure built among the branches of a tree ¹

2. Noun. a tropical residence built in a tree, or on stilts ¹

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Literary usage of Tree house

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The National Parks Portfolio by United States National Park Service, Robert Sterling Yard (1921)
"Spruce tree house is next in size; Balcony House and Square Tower House are ... Cliff Palace is three hundred feet long; Spruce tree house two hundred and ..."

2. The Geographical Journal by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain) (1900)
"... Port Moresby, 429 Shield and ceremonial or magical tablets from the Papuan gulf, 434 tree house, ..."

3. Preliminary Report on a Visit to the Navaho National Monument, Arizona by Jesse Walter Fewkes (1911)
"PINE-tree house About 8 miles up East canyon there is a large, almost inaccessible, ruin, which lies a short distance from the main canyon. ..."

4. 140 Folk-tunes: Rote Songs, Grades I, II and III, for School & Home by Archibald T Davison, Thomas Whitney Surette (1921)
"... Un-der-neath it we have made us our Ap - ple - tree House. vel - vet ; Watching birds that come to see us in Ap - ple - tree House. Richard Compton 70. ..."

5. The Technical World Magazine (1910)
"LOOKING THROUGH THE 'SPRUCE tree house." SECOND IN SIZE OF THE CLIFF DWELLINGS. Long House, all of which were thoroughly explored by Dr. Fewkes who brought ..."

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