Definition of Tree tomato

1. Noun. South American arborescent shrub having pale pink blossoms followed by egg-shaped reddish-brown edible fruit somewhat resembling a tomato in flavor.

Exact synonyms: Tamarillo
Group relationships: Cyphomandra, Genus Cyphomandra
Generic synonyms: Bush, Shrub

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Literary usage of Tree tomato

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Manual of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits: Excluding the Banana, Coconut by Wilson Popenoe (1920)
"THE TREE-TOMATO (Fig. 62) (Cyphomandra betacea, Sendt.) Several food-plants which were cultivated by the agricultural Indians of ancient Peru have become of ..."

2. The Forcing Book: A Manual of the Cultivation of Vegetables in Glass Houses by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1897)
"In 1886 Peter Henderson & Co. advertised seeds of the tree tomato of Jamaica. I procured seeds and grew the plants. The results of the effort, as published ..."

3. Social and Gender Analysis in Natural Resource Management: Learning Studies by Ronnie Vernooy, International Development Research Centre (Canada), NetLibrary, Inc (2006)
"Tomato, cabbage, tree tomato, ginger, potato, groundnut aware that some crops are in high demand but they lack the production know-how to respond properly ..."

4. How Plants are Trained to Work for Man by Luther Burbank (1921)
"And in some cases a plant that had retained the short stocky tree form of the tree tomato bore clusters of small tomatoes in bunches similar to those of the ..."

5. The Indian Forester (1893)
"The main items of interest were the successful cultivation of the giant chestnut of Japan, the tree tomato and Jalap. The tree tomato is well worthy of ..."

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