Definition of Trial period

1. Noun. A period of time during which someone or something is tested.

Exact synonyms: Test Period
Generic synonyms: Period, Period Of Time, Time Period
Specialized synonyms: Probation, Probation

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Literary usage of Trial period

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of the Harvard Law School and of Early Legal Conditions in America by Charles Warren (1908)
"THE trial period 1871-1881. At the end of the academic year, 1870-71, the Faculty, acting largely on Professor ..."

2. A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story by Andrei Maylunas (2005)
"During the trial period, all participants continued to chew tobacco-containing betel quids in their accustomed manner. Thus, remission and inhibition of new ..."

3. The Balance Sheet of Sovietism by Boris Brasol (1922)
"showings of the test, the men are either given a permanent position or rejected with payment for the trial period. In the event of their rejection, ..."

4. Office Organization and Management by Carl Copeland Parsons (1917)
"... is generally assumed that all employment is for a trial period and that if the worker comes up to the requirements in the period of training and shows ..."

5. Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1907)
"Great care is exercised in selecting applicants and a further weeding out process takes place during the trial period of about a month or two—the initiation ..."

6. Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial by Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (1920)
"The order of the commission authorized for a brief trial period an increase in rates, which in the opinion of the commissioners seemed likely to produce a ..."

7. Employee Training: A Study of Education and Training Departments in Various by John Van Liew Morris (1921)
"During this trial period he shat) be paid at the same rate of wages allowed ... If, at the expiration of the trial period, hla conduct and workmanship shall ..."

8. Hospital management by Charlotte A. Aikens (1911)
"Three months seems a fair trial period, but many experienced superintendents ... Where the case is doubtful, an extension of the trial period is desirable. ..."

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