Definition of True bacteria

1. Noun. A large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls; motile types have flagella.

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Literary usage of True bacteria

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Veterinary Bacteriology: A Treatise on the Bacteria, Yeasts, Molds, and by Robert Earle Buchanan (1911)
"Since the true bacteria are plants, this science may be considered as a subdivision of the great mother science of botany. Bacteria are the direct or ..."

2. Bacteriology: General, Pathological and Intestinal by Arthur Isaac Kendall (1921)
"The normal forms of the true bacteria are very simple, and are included in three fundamental types: the sphere (coccus, plural cocci), the straight rod ..."

3. A Textbook of bacteriology: A Practical Treatise for Students and by Hans Zinsser, Frederick Fuller Russell (1922)
"We may say, in general, that the word spirillum should be retained for true bacteria of spiral form in which the cell body is rigid and motility is brought ..."

4. The American Specialist (1881)
"Leprosy is a true bacteria disease, produced through the agency of a specific form of bacteria ... true bacteria ..."

5. The Monthly Microscopical Journal: Transactions of the Royal Microscopical (1875)
"Thirdly, we must, 1 think, always associate the presence of the true bacteria (especially the B. termo) with putrefactive or analogous changes in organic ..."

6. Library of Universal Knowledge: A Reprint of the Last (1880) Edinburgh and (1880)
"The true bacteria, as they are sometimes distinguished, or the bacteria of putrefaction, ... The1 desmo bacteria differ from the true bacteria ..."

7. A University Text-book of Botany by Douglas Houghton Campbell (1907)
"They produce spores, somewhat like those of the true Bacteria. The spores give rise to rod-shaped cells which in time produce the full-grown fructification. ..."

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