Definition of Trunking

1. Noun. All the electrical and communications cables bundled together and distributed through a building. ¹

2. Noun. (business) The movement of containers or packages between a terminal and a transporter's inland facilities, or the scheduled transportation service between locations. Also called linehaul. ¹

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Definition of Trunking

1. a system of sharing radio channels [n -S]

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Literary usage of Trunking

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Electric Interlocking Handbook by General Railway Signal Company (1913)
"trunking Material. (g) Local conditions shall determine the height of trunking when above ground; in general, when trunking is run parallel with the tracks, ..."

2. Electric Interlocking Handbook by General Railway Signal Company (1913)
"(г) Nails shall not be driven through the trunking from the inside of the groove nor ... (j) Inside corner of trunking, at turns, must be rounded to prevent ..."

3. Railway Signaling by Everett Edgar King (1921)
"trunking.—The trunking used to carry the wires from the track connections ... The trunking is buried flush with the surface of the ballast when used within ..."

4. Automatic Telephony: A Comprehensive Treatise on Automatic and Semi by Arthur Bessey Smith, Wilson Lee Campbell (1921)
"... CHAPTER II trunking The methods of trunking which are about to be described are peculiarly adapted to automatic switching, and are among the chief ..."

5. The Railroad Signal Dictionary: An Illustrated Vocabulary of Terms which by Braman Blanchard Adams, Rodney Hitt, Railway Signal Association (1908)
"1 Grooved trunking with 1" x 1" Opening 2 Grooved trunking with 1" x 2" Opening 3 Grooved trunking with \" x 3" Opening 4 Grooved trunking will iW x I1//' ..."

6. A B C of the Telephone: A Practical and Useful Treatise for Students and by James Edward Homans (1901)
"trunking Connection.—For the purpose of " trunking out," or connecting with another exchange, a special section is provided in all switchboards, ..."

7. Telephony: A Manual of the Design, Construction, and Operation of Telephone by Arthur Vaughan Abbott (1903)
"CHAPTER XL SPECIFIC trunking CAPACITY. To determine the specific trunking capacity Q it is necessary to consider in some detail how trunk lines are handled, ..."

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