Definition of Trustors

1. Noun. (plural of trustor) ¹

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Definition of Trustors

1. trustor [n] - See also: trustor

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Literary usage of Trustors

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Observations on the Actual State of the English Laws of Real Property: With by James Humphreys (1826)
"... if any; if none, then to the trustor or trustors, or such of them as may be in existence, if not exceeding three in number; but if exceeding three, ..."

2. Sheppard's Touchstone of Common Assurances: Or, a Plain and Familiar by William Sheppard, Edward Hilliard, Richard Preston (1820)
"If the cestui que use or trustors die and Cromp. Jur. 54. ... sale, and assurance, or the release, &c. of the trustors and trustees * altogether; ..."

3. The Works of Jeremy Bentham by Jeremy Bentham, John Bowring (1839)
"In the first case, there is no trustor ; in the second, there is a trustor, or set of trustors. Of cases in which a trustee is located by the law alone, ..."

4. North Carolina Reports by North Carolina Supreme Court (1908)
"Where the object of an action is to set up a parol trust in favor of the plaintiff and to declare him the equitable owner of the interest of the trustors in ..."

5. New Probate Law and Practice: With Annotations and Forms for Use in Alaska by William Smithers Church, Curtis Hillyer (1920)
"... the property of the trustors and that seeks to postpone not mere'y the date ... but also the passing of the interest of the so-called trustors to a time ..."

6. Pacific States Reports by California Supreme Court, Idaho Supreme Court, Kansas Supreme Court, Montana Supreme Court, Nevada Supreme Court, Oregon Supreme Court, Utah Supreme Court, Washington (State). Supreme Court (1906)
"As therefore the equitable title to the land was in the trustors at the time of the purchase, the defendant, in purchasing it, acquired the title of his ..."

7. Pacific Coast Law Journal: Containing All the Decisions of the Supreme Court by California Supreme Court (1881)
"... the equitable title to the land was in the trustors at the time of the purchase, the defendant, in purchasing it, acquired the title of his vendors, ..."

8. Supplement to Second Edition of Kerr's Cyclopedic California Codes by James Manford Kerr (1922)
"... however, to the right of trustors and beneficiaries, after such transfer, to nominate another and succeeding trustee of the trusts so transferred. ..."

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