Definition of Tuber root

1. Noun. Erect perennial of eastern and southern United States having showy orange flowers.

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Literary usage of Tuber root

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Elements of Art Criticism: Comprising a Treatise on the Principles of Man's by George Whitefield Samson (1876)
"The base is rounded and foliated as a tuber root, and the capital is an inverted bell ... The foot, too, is the precise copy of the tuber root of the plant. ..."

2. J. M. Nickell's Botanical Ready Reference (1880)
"Butterfly Weed. Wind Root. Asclepias. tuber root. White Root. Flux Root. Orange Swallow Wort. Silkweed. Canada Root. Root. exp. diu. dia. car. ton. ..."

3. The Southern Planter (1852)
"One peach-blow potato's tuber root penetrated, in my garden, six or eight inches below the parent, and there formed the largest tuber of the whole crop. ..."

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