Definition of Tufted

1. Adjective. (of plants) growing in small dense clumps or tufts.

Exact synonyms: Caespitose, Cespitose
Category relationships: Flora, Plant, Plant Life
Similar to: Ungregarious

2. Adjective. Having or adorned with tufts. "A tufted bedspread"
Similar to: Adorned, Decorated

3. Adjective. (of a bird or animal) having a usually ornamental tuft or process on the head; often used in combination. "Tufted loosestrife"
Exact synonyms: Crested, Topknotted
Category relationships: Animal, Animate Being, Beast, Brute, Creature, Fauna
Similar to: Adorned, Decorated

Definition of Tufted

1. a. Adorned with a tuft; as, the tufted duck.

Definition of Tufted

1. Verb. (past of tuft) ¹

¹ Source:

Definition of Tufted

1. tuft [v] - See also: tuft

Medical Definition of Tufted

1. 1. Adorned with a tuft; as, the tufted duck. 2. Growing in tufts or clusters; tufty. "The tufted crowtoe, and pale jessamine." (Milton) "Tufted trees and springing corn. " (Pope) Tufted duck, the ring-necked duck. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Tufted

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Birds of America by John James] [Audubon (1844)
"tufted PUFFIN, Mormon cirrhatus, Aud. Orn. Biog., vol. iii. p. 364. Male, 15, 22£. Extremely rare and accidental on the coast of the United States in winter ..."

2. Gray's New Manual of Botany: A Handbook of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of by Asa Gray, Benjamin Lincoln Robinson, Merritt Lyndon Fernald (1908)
"tufted, erect or ascending, sparingly branched, 3-0 din. high ; sheaths and ... Culms scarcely tufted, very slender, wiry, (M2 dm. high ; blades long and ..."

3. American Ornithology; Or, The Natural History of the Birds of the United States. by Alexander Wilson, Charles Lucian Bonaparte, William Jardine (1832)
"The tufted duck is seventeen inches long, and two feet two inches in extent ; the bill is broad, and of a dusky colour, sometimes marked round the nostrils ..."

4. The Apples of New York by Spencer Ambrose Beach, Nathaniel Ogden Booth, Orrin Morehouse Taylor (1905)
"Seeds rather large, irregular, medium in width, rather long, not very plump, acuta to acuminate, tufted, light brown. Flesh whitish or tinged with yellow, ..."

5. The Floricultural Cabinet, and Florists Magazine by Joseph Harrison (1850)
"A sweet-scented Fern ; fronds lance-shaped in outline, annual; height one and a-half to two or three feet; caudex tufted. ..."

6. A history of British birds by Francis Orpen Morris (1856)
"THE tufted Duck is yet another northern species, frequenting, in Europe, Lapland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, and coming southwards before winter to the ..."

7. A History of British Birds by William Yarrell, Alfred Newton, Howard Saunders (1884)
"THE tufted DUCK is best known as a regular ... A tolerable and, apparently, increasing number of tufted Ducks remain to breed in the British Islands, ..."

8. A Practical Dictionary of the English and German Languages by Felix Flügel (1874)
"... m. coif-stock,milliner's stock; Orn-s. —taube, /. helmet-pigeon, Jacobin pigeon, ruff; —tauter, m. 1. the tufted or crested grebe; 2. dun-diver. ..."

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