Definition of Tug

1. Noun. A sudden abrupt pull.

Exact synonyms: Jerk
Generic synonyms: Pull, Pulling
Derivative terms: Jerk, Jerk

2. Verb. Pull hard. "This movie tugs at the heart strings"
Generic synonyms: Attract, Draw, Draw In, Pull, Pull In
Derivative terms: Tugger

3. Noun. A powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger ships.
Exact synonyms: Towboat, Tower, Tugboat
Generic synonyms: Boat
Terms within: Helm
Derivative terms: Tow

4. Verb. Strive and make an effort to reach a goal. "She is driving away at her doctoral thesis"
Exact synonyms: Drive, Labor, Labour, Push
Related verbs: Bear On, Push
Specialized synonyms: Reach, Strain, Strive
Generic synonyms: Fight, Struggle
Derivative terms: Drive, Labor, Laborer, Labour, Push
Also: Push On

5. Verb. Tow (a vessel) with a tug. "The tugboat tugged the freighter into the harbor"
Generic synonyms: Tow
Derivative terms: Tugger

6. Verb. Carry with difficulty. "You'll have to lug this suitcase"
Exact synonyms: Lug, Tote
Generic synonyms: Carry, Transport
Derivative terms: Luggage, Tote, Toter

7. Verb. Move by pulling hard. "The horse finally tugged the cart out of the mud"
Generic synonyms: Displace, Move
Derivative terms: Tugger

8. Verb. Pull or strain hard at. "Each oar was tugged by several men"
Generic synonyms: Draw, Force, Pull

9. Verb. Struggle in opposition. "She tugged and wrestled with her conflicts"
Generic synonyms: Contend, Fight, Struggle

Definition of Tug

1. v. t. To pull or draw with great effort; to draw along with continued exertion; to haul along; to tow; as, to tug a loaded cart; to tug a ship into port.

2. v. i. To pull with great effort; to strain in labor; as, to tug at the oar; to tug against the stream.

3. n. A pull with the utmost effort, as in the athletic contest called tug of war; a supreme effort.

Definition of Tug

1. Verb. (transitive) to pull or drag with great effort ¹

2. Verb. (transitive) to pull hard repeatedly ¹

3. Verb. (transitive) to tow by tugboat ¹

4. Noun. a sudden powerful pull ¹

5. Noun. (nautical) a tugboat ¹

6. Noun. (slang) An act of masturbation ¹

¹ Source:

Definition of Tug

1. to pull with force [v TUGGED, TUGGING, TUGS]

Medical Definition of Tug

1. 1. A pull with the utmost effort, as in the athletic contest called tug of war; a supreme effort. "At the tug he falls, Vast ruins come along, rent from the smoking walls." (Dryden) 2. A sort of vehicle, used for conveying timber and heavy articles. 3. A small, powerful steamboat used to tow vessels; called also steam tug, tugboat, and towboat. 4. A trace, or drawing strap, of a harness. 5. An iron hook of a hoisting tub, to which a tackle is affixed. Tug iron, an iron hook or button to which a tug or trace may be attached, as on the shaft of a wagon. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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