Definition of Tundras

1. Noun. (plural of tundra) ¹

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Definition of Tundras

1. tundra [n] - See also: tundra

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Literary usage of Tundras

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Land of the North Wind, Or, Travels Among the Laplanders and the by Edward Rae (1875)
"Negotiations for Journey to the Interior—Reindeer Sledges—A Purchase and characteristic Incident—We start for the tundras—Our sledging ..."

2. Primary Geography by Alex Everett Frye (1894)
"tundras. Find the word tundras on the map. The tundras are marshy and mossy plains that form a part of the long slope far to the north of Tibet. ..."

3. The Polar and Tropical Worlds: A Description of Man and Nature in the Polar by Georg Hartwig (1872)
"Second Voyage, 1841-44.—Storm on the White Sea.—Return to Archangel.—The tundras of the European Samoi'edes.—Mesen.—Universal Drunkenness. ..."

4. List of North American Land Mammals in the United States National Museum, 1911 by Gerrit Smith Miller (1912)
"Arctic coast and tundras. Specimens examined from Anderson River, Franklin Bay, old Fort Good Hope, lower Mackenzie River, Point Barrow, and St. Michaels. ..."

5. Siberia in Asia: a Visit to the Valley of the Genesay in East Siberia: With by Henry Seebohm (1882)
"... Measuring the footprints of Swans — The river bank — Purchasing costumes of the various races — Manner of hunting the sable — Coal from the tundras. ..."

6. Illustrations of British Blood-sucking Flies by Ernest Edward Austen (1906)
"No doubt the hot sun and damp soil have brought them out, as in the tundras." Writing again on May 1st, the same correspondent said :—" The insects were in ..."

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