Definition of Turkic-speaking

1. Adjective. Able to communicate in Turkic.

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Literary usage of Turkic-speaking

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Rise of Nations in the Soviet Union: American Foreign Policy and the by Michael Mandelbaum (1991)
"One of the fault lines dividing Soviet Muslims, for example, cuts the turkic-speaking peoples off from the Iranian-speaking Tajiks. ..."

2. The Azerbaijani Turks: Power and Identity Under Russian Rule by Audrey L. Altstadt (1992)
"The History of Azerbaijan noted incursions by turkic-speaking groups from "the beginning of our era," which increased in the to the 7th and the 9th to the ..."

3. The New Great Game in Muslim Central Asia by Mohammed E. Ahrari (2000)
"... in the possession of Kazakhstan, "and of applying 'racial criteria' in its efforts to establish a belt of turkic-speaking republics south of Russia. ..."

4. European Union with Turkey: The Possible Impact of Turkey's Membership on by Sedat Laçiner, Mehmet Özcan, Ihsan Bal (2005)
"For instance the existence of cultural and political links between Turkey and turkic-speaking parts of Central Asia, as well as the presence in Turkey of ..."

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