Definition of Turkic language

1. Noun. A subfamily of Altaic languages.

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Literary usage of Turkic language

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Crimean Tatars by Alan W. Fisher (1978)
"In addition, he developed the idea that one turkic language could serve all Turks. This was not a pan-Islamic theme but rather one of pan-Turkism. Indeed. ..."

2. The Modern Uzbeks: From the Fourteenth Century to the Present : a Cultural by Edward Allworth (1990)
"... use in the first two or three grades and that they should supplant this household Uzbek language with umumi turk tili (the common turkic language), ..."

3. The Languages of the Seat of War in the East: With a Survey of the Three by Friedrich Max Müller (1855)
"... it would follow that, in later times, they gave up their language, for the present Baskir no longer speak a Hungarian, but a turkic language. ..."

4. Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute, Or Philosophical by Victoria Institute (Great Britain) (1890)
"In turkic language we have nene, "mother" (the Akkadian nana). There are many towns in Asia Minor, of which the names end in anda or anata (Akkadian anda, ..."

5. The Moldovans: Romania, Russia, and the Politics of Culture by Charles King (2000)
"The same can be said of the Soviet period. A Cyrillic Gagauz alphabet was not developed until 1957—making Gagauz the last Soviet turkic language to be ..."

6. The Azerbaijani Turks: Power and Identity Under Russian Rule by Audrey L. Altstadt (1992)
"50; the argument is developed further in Wurm's The turkic language of Central Asia: Problems of Planned Culture Contact (Oxford, Eng.: Central Asian ..."

7. Human Rights in Uzbekistanby Erika Dailey, Helsinki Watch (Organization : U.S.) by Erika Dailey, Helsinki Watch (Organization : U.S.) (1993)
"... Publications and Writing systems: A Bibliographical Directory and Transliteration of Iranian- and Turkic- Language Publications, 1818-1945, ..."

8. Central Asia and the World: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan by Michael Mandelbaum (1994)
"1 OTHER EFFECTS ON THE MIDDLE EAST Turkey's connections to the Southern Tier are fairly obvious, having to do with the turkic language, immigrants, ..."

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