Definition of Turkish tobacco

1. Noun. A dark aromatic tobacco of eastern Europe that is used in cigarettes.

Generic synonyms: Baccy, Tobacco
Specialized synonyms: Latakia

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Literary usage of Turkish tobacco

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Southey's Common-place Book by Robert Southey (1849)
"[Mildness of the turkish tobacco.] " IT is difficult for Frenchmen, especially for ... First, the turkish tobacco is the best and the mildest in the world; ..."

2. Hand Book of the United States Tariff: Containing the Tariff Act of 1913 by Vandegrift, F.B., & Co, William Watson Rich, United States (1913)
"Cigarettes: Extension of TD 23839 to cigarettes manufactured by the International Tobacco Company, of Newark, NJ, with the use of imported turkish tobacco. ..."

3. The Making of Modern Egypt by Auckland Colvin (1906)
"The duty paid on imported Greek and turkish tobacco was considerably higher ... A mixture of native and turkish tobacco was sold in Egypt, and exported to ..."

4. Tobacco Leaves: Being a Book of Facts for Smokers by William Augustine Brennan (1915)
"The crop of turkish tobacco, particularly of the better kinds suitable ... Much of so- called "Turkish" tobacco comes from China, and other parts of Asia. ..."

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