Definition of Twister

1. Noun. A localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground.

Exact synonyms: Tornado
Generic synonyms: Cyclone
Specialized synonyms: Supertwister, Waterspout
Derivative terms: Twist

2. Noun. Small friedcake formed into twisted strips and fried; richer than doughnuts.
Exact synonyms: Cruller
Generic synonyms: Friedcake

Definition of Twister

1. n. One who twists; specifically, the person whose occupation is to twist or join the threads of one warp to those of another, in weaving.

Definition of Twister

1. Proper noun. (trademark) A party game that requires several players on a single mat to straddle four colored rows of dots in random positions without falling. ¹

2. Noun. One who twists. ¹

3. Noun. The instrument used in twisting, or making twists. ¹

4. Noun. (colloquial) A tornado. ¹

5. Noun. (context: carpentry) A girder ¹

6. Noun. (dated) The inner part of the thigh, the proper place to rest upon when on horseback. ¹

7. Noun. (British colloquial) A crook, a villain. ¹

8. Noun. The party game Twister, usually capitalized, or a variant. ¹

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Definition of Twister

1. one that twists [n -S] - See also: twists

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Literary usage of Twister

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Progressive Course in Reading by George I. Aldrich, Alexander Forbes (1900)
"twister and Willie were great friends. Willie was four years old, and had light, curly hair. twister was four years old, too, but his hair did not curl, ..."

2. Children's Literature: A Textbook of Sources for Teachers and Teacher by Charles Madison Curry (1921)
"When a twister a-twisting would twist him a twist, For twisting a twist three twists he will twist ; But if one of the twists untwists from the twist, ..."

3. A History of Nursery Rhymes by Percy B. Green (1899)
"TO charm away the hiccup one must repeat these four lines thrice in one breath, and a cure will be certain— •When a twister twisting twists him a twist, ..."

4. Supplement to Spons ̓dictionary of Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Military by Edward Spon, Francis N. Spon (1879)
"To the top of the shaft from whieh the twister.arm W ... The rotation of this wheel by means of the lever I/ hinged to the shaft of the twister.arm W gives ..."

5. A Tarpaulin Muster by John Masefield (1907)
"XVII A PORT ROYAL twister ONCE upon a time, said the Jamaican in the tavern, there was an English buccaneer who lived in ..."

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