Definition of Two-toed sloth

1. Noun. A sloth of Central America that has two long claws on each forefoot and three long claws on each hindfoot.

Exact synonyms: Choloepus Hoffmanni, Unai, Unau
Generic synonyms: Sloth, Tree Sloth
Group relationships: Choloepus, Genus Choloepus

2. Noun. Relatively small fast-moving sloth with two long claws on each front foot.
Exact synonyms: Choloepus Didactylus, Unai, Unau
Generic synonyms: Sloth, Tree Sloth
Group relationships: Choloepus, Genus Choloepus

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Literary usage of Two-toed sloth

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mostly Mammals, Zoological Essays by Richard Lydekker (1903)
"Again, the front of the upper jaw of the two-toed sloth carries a T-shaped ... In both these respects the two-toed sloth comes much nearer to the extinct ..."

2. The New International Encyclopædia edited by Daniel Coit Gilman, Harry Thurston Peck, Frank Moore Colby (1904)
"... the number of toes on JAWS AND TEETH OF two-toed sloth. the fore feet. All have three toes on the hind feete but the ..."

3. The London Magazine by John Scott, John Taylor (1826)
"One day, as we were crossing the Essequibo, I saw a large two-toed sloth on the ground upon the bank ; how he bad got there nobody could tell : the Indian ..."

4. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General by Thomas Spencer Baynes (1888)
"... flexibility of the .neck, the number of vertebrae is the same, viz., seven, with only three known exceptions, the Manatee and Hoffman's two-toed sloth ..."

5. Encyclopædia Americana: A Popular Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature by Thomas Gamaliel Bradford (1851)
"It is the only quadruped which has nine vertebrae to the neck.— The two-toed sloth differs somewhat in its anatomical characters from the preceding, and, ..."

6. The American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge by Charles Anderson Dana (1876)
"... in captivity it is exceedingly stupid and uninteresting. The unau or two-toed sloth (B. didactylus, Linn.; genus Unau or two-toed sloth ..."

7. A Text-book of Zoology by Thomas Jeffery Parker, William Aitcheson Haswell (1921)
"In the three-toed Sloth there are three toes in both manus and pes ; in the two-toed Sloth there are only two in the manus, three in the pes. ..."

8. The Outline of Science: A Plain Story Simply Told by John Arthur Thomson (1922)
"two-toed sloth OR UNAU This old-fashioned type ... The two-toed Sloth has usually six neck vertebrae and the three-toed Sloth has usually nine, ..."

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