Definition of Venous blood vessel

1. Noun. A blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart. "All veins except the pulmonary vein carry unaerated blood"

Exact synonyms: Vein, Vena
Specialized synonyms: Accessory Cephalic Vein, Vena Cephalica Accessoria, Accessory Hemiazygos Vein, Accessory Hemiazygous Vein, Vena Hemiazygos Accessoria, Accessory Vertebral Vein, Vena Vertebralis Accessoria, Accompanying Vein, Vena Comitans, Anastomotic Vein, Vena Anastomotica, Angular Vein, Vena Angularis, Anterior Vertebral Vein, Vena Vertebralis Anterior, Appendicular Vein, Vena Appendicularis, Arcuate Vein Of The Kidney, Vena Arcuata Renis, Auricular Vein, Vena Auricularis, Axillary Vein, Vena Axillaris, Azygos Vein, Azygous Vein, Vena Azygos, Basal Vein, Vena Basalis, Basilic Vein, Vena Basilica, Basivertebral Vein, Vena Basivertebralis, Brachial Vein, Vena Brachialis, Brachiocephalic Vein, Innominate Vein, Vena Brachiocephalica, Bronchial Vein, Vena Bronchialis, Cardinal Vein, Central Veins Of Liver, Venae Centrales Hepatis, Central Vein Of Retina, Vena Centrales Retinae, Central Vein Of Suprarenal Gland, Vena Centralis Glandulae Suprarenalis, Cephalic Vein, Vena Cephalica, Cerebellar Vein, Vena Cerebellum, Cerebral Vein, Vena Cerebri, Cervical Vein, Deep Cervical Vein, Vena Cervicalis Profunda, Choroid Vein, Vena Choroidea, Ciliary Veins, Venae Ciliares, Circumflex Vein, Vena Circumflexa, Clitoral Vein, Vena Clitoridis, Colic Vein, Vena Colica, Common Facial Vein, Conjunctival Veins, Venae Conjunctivales, Costoaxillary Vein, Cutaneous Vein, Vena Cutanea, Cystic Vein, Vena Cystica, Digital Vein, Vena Digitalis, Diploic Vein, Vena Diploica, Dorsal Scapular Vein, Vena Scapularis Dorsalis, Emissary Vein, Vena Emissaria, Epigastric Vein, Esophageal Veins, Oesophageal Veins, Venae Esophageae, Ethmoidal Vein, Vena Ethmoidalis, External Nasal Vein, Vena Nasalis Externa, Facial Vein, Vena Facialis, Femoral Vein, Vena Femoralis, Gastric Vein, Vena Gastrica, Gastroepiploic Vein, Gastroomental Vein, Vena Gastroomentalis, Genicular Vein, Vena Genus, Gluteal Vein, Vena Gluteus, Hemizygos Vein, Hemizygous Vein, Vena Hemizygos, Hemorrhoidal Vein, Rectal Vein, Vena Rectalis, Hepatic Vein, Vena Hepatica, Ileocolic Vein, Vena Ileocolica, Iliac Vein, Vena Iliaca, Iliolumbar Vein, Vena Iliolumbalis, Intercapitular Vein, Vena Intercapitalis, Intercostal Vein, Vena Intercostalis, Intervertebral Vein, Vena Intervertebralis, Jugular, Jugular Vein, Vena Jugularis, Labial Vein, Vena Labialis, Labial Vein, Vena Labialis, Internal Auditory Vein, Labyrinthine Vein, Lacrimal Vein, Vena Lacrimalis, Laryngeal Vein, Vena Laryngea, Lingual Vein, Vena Lingualis, Lumbar Vein, Vena Lumbalis, Maxillary Vein, Vena Maxillaris, Meningeal Veins, Venae Meningeae, Mesenteric Vein, Vena Mesenterica, Metacarpal Vein, Vena Metacarpus, Metatarsal Vein, Vena Metatarsus, Musculophrenic Vein, Vena Musculophrenica, Nasofrontal Vein, Vena Nasofrontalis, Oblique Vein Of The Left Atrium, Vena Obliqua Atrii Sinistri, Obturator Vein, Vena Obturatoria, Occipital Vein, Vena Occipitalis, Ophthalmic Vein, Vena Ophthalmica, Ovarian Vein, Vena Ovarica, Palatine Vein, Vena Palatina, Pancreatic Vein, Venae Pancreatica, Paraumbilical Vein, Vena Paraumbilicalis, Parotid Vein, Pectoral Vein, Vena Pectoralis, Perforating Vein, Vena Perforantis, Pericardial Vein, Vena Pericardiaca, Fibular Vein, Peroneal Vein, Vena Peroneus, Pharyngeal Vein, Vena Pharyngeus, Phrenic Vein, Vena Phrenica, Popliteal Vein, Vena Poplitea, Hepatic Portal Vein, Portal, Portal Vein, Vena Portae, Posterior Vein Of The Left Ventricle, Vena Posterior Ventriculi Sinistri, Prepyloric Vein, Vena Pylorica, Pudendal Vein, Venae Pudendum, Pulmonary Vein, Vena Pulmonalis, Radial Vein, Vena Radialis, Renal Vein, Vena Renalis, Sacral Vein, Vena Sacralis, Saphenous Vein, Vena Saphena, Scleral Veins, Venae Sclerales, Scrotal Vein, Vena Scrotalis, Sigmoid Vein, Vena Sigmoideus, Spinal Vein, Vena Spinalis, Splenic Vein, Vena Lienalis, Sternocleidomastoid Vein, Vena Sternocleidomastoidea, Stylomastoid Vein, Vena Stylomastoidea, Subclavian Vein, Vena Subclavia, Sublingual Vein, Vena Sublingualis, Supraorbital Vein, Vena Supraorbitalis, Supratrochlear Vein, Vena Supratrochlearis, Temporal Vein, Vena Temporalis, Testicular Vein, Vena Testicularis, Thalamostriate Vein, Thoracoepigastric Vein, Vena Thoracoepigastrica, Thoracic Vein, Vena Thoracica, Thyroid Vein, Vena Thyroidea, Tibial Vein, Vena Tibialis, Tracheal Vein, Vena Trachealis, Tympanic Vein, Ulnar Vein, Vena Ulnaris, Umbilical Vein, Vena Umbilicalis, Uterine Vein, Varicose Vein, Vena Bulbi Penis, Vena Canaliculi Cochleae, Vein Of Penis, Vena Bulbi Vestibuli, Vena Cava, Venae Palpebrales, Venae Interlobulares Hepatis, Venae Renis, Vena Vertebralis, Vertebral Vein, Vena Vesicalis, Vesical Vein, Vena Vestibularis, Vestibular Vein, Vena Vorticosum, Vortex Vein, Vorticose Vein, Capillary Vein, Venula, Venule
Generic synonyms: Blood Vessel
Group relationships: Cardiovascular System, Circulatory System
Derivative terms: Venous

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