Definition of Assaulter

1. Noun. Someone who attacks.

Definition of Assaulter

1. n. One who assaults, or violently attacks; an assailant.

Definition of Assaulter

1. Noun. One who commits assault. ¹

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Definition of Assaulter

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Assaulter

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American and English Encyclopedia of Law by John Houston Merrill, Charles Frederic Williams, Thomas Johnson Michie, David Shephard Garland (1890)
"By the same statute, any person sending a challenge to fight a duel shall also be punished as a felonious assaulter; and very clearly the mere sending of ..."

2. Calendar of Letter-books Preserved Among the Archives of the Corporation of by City of London (England), Reginald Robinson Sharpe (1902)
"Peter atte Sole attached because indicted in Tower Ward and elsewhere as a night-walker and assaulter of men, &c. Pleads not guilty and puts himself on the ..."

3. What is True Civilization; Or, Means to Suppress the Practice of Duelling by Giacomo Sega (1830)
"prejudiced the assaulter's traffic? Should we not inquire into the nature of the offence, by which the assaulter had been prejudicial? ..."

4. A Treatise on the Law of Crimes by William Lawrence Clark, William Lawrence Marshall, Herschel Bouton Lazell (1905)
"... was not a felony at common law (assault with intent to murder) should be deemed a "felonious" assaulter, and the same term was used in another statute, ..."

5. A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Thomas Bayly Howell, William Cobbett by Thomas Bayly Howell, William Cobbett (1816)
"... although he IIP within the words of it ; or if one be assaulted in hi* house, and the assaulter hath no weapon drawn, and one of the assaulter« be shot, ..."

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