Definition of Bacillus subtilis

1. Noun. A species of bacillus found in soil and decomposing organic matter; some strains produce antibiotics.

Exact synonyms: Bacillus Globigii, Grass Bacillus, Hay Bacillus
Generic synonyms: B, Bacillus

Medical Definition of Bacillus subtilis

1. Bacillus subtilis is a Gram-positive, rod-shaped, nonpathogenic bacterium which lives in soil. Its genome has been widely studied and is frequently used in genetic engineering and microbiology experiments. (09 Oct 1997)

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Literary usage of Bacillus subtilis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of General Physiology by Society of General Physiologists, Rockefeller Institute, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (1920)
"The first attempt to study antagonism in relation to bacteria was made by Lipman.1 He used the production of NH3 by Bacillus subtilis as an index of ..."

2. A Text-book of General Bacteriology by Edwin Oakes Jordan (1918)
"In the first 140 cases treated with the normal beef serum only one death occurred. Bacillus subtilis.—The Fig. 54. — Bacillus subtilis from ..."

3. The Journal of Infectious Diseases by Infectious Diseases Society of America, John Rockefeller McCormick Memorial Fund, John McCormick Institute for Infectious Diseases (1914)
"The colony of bacillus subtilis, which had developed on the more thickly seeded part of the plate, was transferred to a plain agar slant. ..."

4. A Manual of bacteriology by Herbert Upham Williams (1908)
"Bacillus subtilis may easily be isolated in pure culture by adding finely cut hay to tubes of ... Bacillus subtilis. (X Jooo.) The hay bacillus has certain ..."

5. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1882)
"To illustrate, it will only be necessary to mention the great similarity between Bacillus anthracis and Bacillus subtilis, two of the best known ..."

6. Transactions of the Association of American Physicians by Association of American Physicians (1900)
"Bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis. at end of seventh dav. ... Bacillus subtilis. Liver III. 0 Growths obtained at end of seven days. SERIES VI. ..."

7. Essentials of Bacteriology by Michael Valentine Ball, Paul Garfield Weston (1913)
"Bacillus subtilis (Hay Bacillus) (Ehrenberg).—Origin. —Hay infusions; found also in air, water, soil, feces, and putrefying liquids. ..."

8. Text-book of Bacteriology by Carl Fraenkel (1891)
"... Bacillus Megaterium, Potato Bacillus, Bacillus subtilis, Root Bacillus ; Micro-organisms in Milk, ..."

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