Definition of Brachiopoda

1. Noun. Marine invertebrates that resemble mollusks.

Exact synonyms: Phylum Brachiopoda
Group relationships: Animal Kingdom, Animalia, Kingdom Animalia
Member holonyms: Brachiopod, Lamp Shell, Lampshell
Generic synonyms: Phylum
Derivative terms: Brachiopodous

Definition of Brachiopoda

1. n. A class of Molluscoidea having a symmetrical bivalve shell, often attached by a fleshy peduncle.

Medical Definition of Brachiopoda

1. A class of Molluscoidea having a symmetrical bivalve shell, often attached by a fleshy peduncle. Within the shell is a pair of "arms," often long and spirally coiled, bearing rows of ciliated tentacles by which a current of water is made to flow into the mantle cavity, bringing the microscopic food to the mouth between the bases of the arms. The shell is both opened and closed by special muscles. They form two orders; Lyopoma, in which the shell is thin, and without a distinct hinge, as in Lingula; and Arthropoma, in which the firm calcareous shell has a regular hinge, as in Rhynchonella. See Arthropomata. Origin: NL, from Gr. Arm + -poda. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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