Definition of California yew

1. Noun. Small or medium irregularly branched tree of the Pacific coast of North America; yields fine hard close-grained wood.

Exact synonyms: Pacific Yew, Taxus Brevifolia, Western Yew
Group relationships: Genus Taxus, Taxus
Generic synonyms: Yew

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Literary usage of California yew

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Natural Wealth of California: Comprising Early History; Geography by Titus Fey Cronise (1868)
"Oaks—Cedars—Firs—California Nutmeg—California yew Tree—Laurel—Manzanita— Madrona—Horse Chestnut, or Buckeye—Shrub* and Plants—Poison ..."

2. The Principal Species of Wood: Their Characteristic Properties by Charles Henry Snow (1908)
"Yew is now occasionally employed for chairs, canes and whips. Pacific Coast Indians prized the Western, Oregon or California yew (Taxus ..."

3. Wood and Other Organic Structural Materials by Charles Henry Snow (1917)
"Pacific Coast Indians prized the Western, Oregon, or California yew (Taxus brevifolia) for bows, paddles, and fish hooks. ..."

4. The Windsor Magazine (1905)
"... sassafras, Southern cedar, black locust, apple, black walnut, slippery elm, iron - wood, mountain ash, hickory, California yew and hemlock. ..."

5. Forest Trees of the Pacific Slope by George Bishop Sudworth, United States..Forest Service. (1908)
"Kor a fir only moderately tolerant of shade, being less so than amabilis fir, western red cedar, western hemlock, and California yew, but more tolerant than ..."

6. Journal by California Legislature (1881)
"A piece of the trunk of the California yew tree, and a section, of white fir from Gualala Mills, Mendocino County. HARMON, EN, Class '83. ..."

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