Definition of Chrysophyllum oliviforme

1. Noun. Tropical American timber tree with dark hard heavy wood and small plumlike purple fruit.

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Literary usage of Chrysophyllum oliviforme

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Manual of the Trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico) by Charles Sprague Sargent (1905)
"Chrysophyllum oliviforme, Lain. • Leaves revolute in the bud, oval, acute or contracted into short broad points or sometimes rounded at the apex, ..."

2. The Everglades and Other Essays Relating to Southern Florida by John Clayton Gifford (1912)
"Chrysophyllum oliviforme. Satin-Leaf. Southern Florida. Highly prized as an ornamental tree because of the bright golden color on the under side of its ..."

3. A Manual of Gardening for Bengal and Upper India by Thomas Augustus Charles Firminger (1874)
"This seems to correspond in every respect with the species called Chrysophyllum oliviforme, "The Damson Star-apple." These trees are cultivated much for the ..."

4. The Woods of the United States by Charles Sprague Sargent, American Museum of Natural History (1885)
"Chrysophyllum oliviforme, Lam. Semi-tropical Florida, — Cape Canaveral to the southern keys, west coast, Caloosa River to Cape Sable ; rare ; through the ..."

5. A Naturalist in the Bahamas: John I. Northrop, October 12 1861 by Henry Fairfield Osborn, John I. Northrop (1910)
"E Chrysophyllum oliviforme Lam. "Saffron-tree." In the pines on both islands. New Providence, Feb. (262). BUMELIA CUBENSIS Griseb. London Creek, Andros, May ..."

6. A Manual Flora of Madeira and the Adjacent Island of Porto Santo and the by Richard Thomas Lowe (1868)
"... the milk thin viscous whitish ; taste sweetish -'- but somewhat salt or mawkish and disagreeable, like that of the fr. of Chrysophyllum oliviforme Lam. ..."

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