Definition of Church Slavic

1. Noun. The Slavic language into which the Bible was translated in the 9th century.

Definition of Church Slavic

1. Proper noun. Church Slavonic language ¹

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Literary usage of Church Slavic

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Who are the Slavs?: A Contribution to Race Psychology by Paul Rankov Radosavljevich (1919)
"It nevertheless remained free from the Russian and other importations which characterize the later form of the tongue which may be called Church Slavic. ..."

2. Handbook of Universal Literature from the Best and Latest Authorities by Anne Charlotte Lynch Botta (1871)
"The Slavic Race and Languages; tbe Eastern and Western Sterna; the Alphabet*; the Old or Church Slavic Language; St. Cyril's Bible; the Pravda Russkaya; ..."

3. Historical View of the Language and Literature of the Slavic Nations: With a by Talvj, Edward Robinson (1850)
"... I. HISTORY OF THE OLD OK Church Slavic (COMMONLY CALLED SLAVONIC) LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE. IT can hardly be doubted that in very ancient times the whole ..."

4. Christendom Anno Domini MDCCCCI ...: A Presentation of Christian Conditions by William D. Grant, Charles Cuthbert Hall (1902)
"The "Church Slavic" tongue was originally a Bulgarian dialect, and thus never became fluent among the Russian people. It is, indeed, very hard to secure ..."

5. The New American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge by George Ripley (1862)
"The old or church Slavic (so called because it is still used in divine service) is ... Where this old or church Slavic was spoken, is a controversy not yet ..."

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