Definition of English yew

1. Noun. Predominant yew in Europe; extraordinarily long-lived and slow growing; one of the oldest species in the world.

Exact synonyms: Old World Yew, Taxus Baccata
Group relationships: Genus Taxus, Taxus
Generic synonyms: Yew

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English yew (current term)

Literary usage of English yew

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Arboretum Et Fruticetum Britannicum: Or, The Trees and Shrubs of Britain by John Claudius Loudon (1838)
"Foreign yew, however, began to grow scarce ; and it was thought so superior to English yew, that a bow of it sold for 6*. ..."

2. Trees and Tree-planting by James Sanks Brisbin (1888)
"The English yew.—Its Foreign Origin.—Its Famed Longevity.— Its Symbolic Uses.—The Immensity of its Foliage.—Properties and Uses of its Wood. ..."

3. The American Handbook of Ornamental Trees by Thomas Meehan (1853)
"... with a diffuse and irregular habit. It is in the collection of John Evans. It is often propagated by grafting on the English yew. THUJA, Tournefort. ..."

4. The Horticulturist, and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste by Luther Tucker (1874)
"The common English yew, is too well known to need description. Its dark foliage and capability of being clipped into fantastic forms, give it a place which ..."

5. A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, Adapted to by Andrew Jackson Downing (1859)
"It is thought by some cultivators in this country to be hardier than the common English yew, though the latter with us, especially after a year or so, ..."

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