Definition of Herman Hollerith

1. Noun. United States inventor who invented a system for recording alphanumeric information on punched cards (1860-1929).

Exact synonyms: Hollerith
Generic synonyms: Artificer, Discoverer, Inventor

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Literary usage of Herman Hollerith

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Windsor Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly for Men and Women (1895)
"Herman Hollerith. civil engineer and mathematician named Herman Hollerith. This ingenious man was impressed by the observation of Dr. Billings, ..."

2. Classified Catalogue of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 1895- 1902 by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (1907)
"Report on the statistics of steam- and water-power used in the manufacture of iron and steel during the year ending May 31, 1880, by Herman Hollerith. ..."

3. Classified Catalogue of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 1895-1902 by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (1907)
"... of iron and steel during the year ending May 31, 188o, hy Herman Hollerith. In v.22. Statistics of power used in manufactures, hy Herman Hollerith. ..."

4. Technology Quarterly and Proceedings of the Society of Arts by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Society of Arts (1892)
"... embracing data printed in different colors, so as to indicate the readings of the schedules. Last came the system of Dr. Herman Hollerith. ..."

5. Public Health Papers and Reports by American Public Health Association (1900)
"A device similar in operation to the "Pin Board Electrical Tabulating System," but differently constructed, has been devised by Mr. Herman Hollerith, ..."

6. Technology Review by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Association of Class Secretaries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni Association (1901)
"staff of General Fred Grant ; Mr. Herman Hollerith, inventor of census tabulating machine ; and many others equally distinguished. ..."

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