Definition of Intersexes

1. Noun. (plural of intersex) ¹

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Definition of Intersexes

1. Intersexuality in humans refers to intermediate or atypical combinations of physical features that usually distinguish male from female. An intersex organism may have biological characteristics of both the male and female sexes. Intersexuality is the term adopted by medicine during the 20th century applied to human beings whose biological sex cannot be classified as either male or female. Intersexuality is also the word adopted by the identity-political movement, to criticize medical protocols in sex assignment and to claim the right to be heard in the construction of a new one. - See also: intersex

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Literary usage of Intersexes

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1. Taboo and Genetics: A Study of the Biological, Sociological and by Melvin Moses Knight (1920)
"CHAPTER HI SEX AND SEX DIFFERENCES AS QUANTITATIVE Intersexes in moths; ... One of these hybrids of "intersexes," as he calls them, would always possess ..."

2. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1922)
"The hypothesis that the intersexes were triploid was easily put to test by ... That is, all intersexes possessed the second- and the third- chromosomes in ..."

3. Heredity and Environment in the Development of Men by Edwin Grant Conklin (1922)
"In his studies of the pomace fly, Drosophila melano- gaster, he found intersexes whose genetical behavior was such as to suggest that they had more or less ..."

4. Botanical Abstracts by Board of Control of Botanical Abstracts (1921)
"The intersexes, which were all sterile, each had 3 second chromosomes, 3 third chromosomes, 2 X-chromosomes, 2 or 3 fourth chromosomes, and either with or ..."

5. Chemical Abstracts by American Chemical Society (1916)
"In the different intersexes a certain amt. of pigment- producing oxidase, parallel to the quant, behavior of the sex factors, is furnished by the veins, ..."

6. The Physical Basis of Heredity by Thomas Hunt Morgan (1919)
""Intersexes" AND SEX GENES The quantitative relation of one X for male and two ... There are three cases in which individuals called "intersexes" have been ..."

7. Publishers Weekly by Publishers' Board of Trade (U.S.), Book Trade Association of Philadelphia, American Book Trade Union, Am. Book Trade Association, R.R. Bowker Company (1913)
"... Xavier, Intersexes. Mansfield, Girl and the Gods. Little. Brown & Co., 34 Beacon St., Boston. Carl vie, Reminiscences, ed. by CE Norton. Mac- ' millan. ..."

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