Definition of Konakri

1. Noun. A port and the capital of Guinea.

Exact synonyms: Capital Of Guinea, Conakry
Generic synonyms: Port, National Capital
Group relationships: French Guinea, Guinea, Republic Of Guinea

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Literary usage of Konakri

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Geographical Journal by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain). (1907)
"The Konakri-Niger railway is now opened to traflic for 138 miles, and the remaining 48i miles are expected to be completed this year. ..."

2. Liberia by Harry Hamilton Johnston, Otto Stapf (1906)
"... (near Konakri), which he named Mount Sagres, after the place of residence of Prince Henry in the Algarve. (This mountain was evidently the Theon ..."

3. A Dictionary of Political Phrases and Allusions: With a Short Bibliography by Hugh Montgomery, Philip George Cambray (1906)
"In return for surrendering her fishing privileges, France acquires certain property in West Africa : the Los Islands off Konakri : the town and territory of ..."

4. The Rise of British West Africa: Comprising the Early History of the Colony by Claude George (1904)
"... maize, rice, and other grains found there, and includes French Guinea (Rio Nunez on to Konakri), the Isles de Los, Sierra Leone, Sherbro or Rio Cerbera, ..."

5. A Transformed Colony by Thomas Joshua Alldridge (1910)
"... with their rich trade in ivory tusks, raw gold, bullocks and sheep, were diverted from Freetown and found their way up the coast to Konakri and other ..."

6. The Principles of Economic Geography by Robert Neal Rudmose Brown (1920)
"In French West Africa several lines link the interior with the coast at Dakar, Konakri, etc. Morocco until recently had no railways, but there is now a ..."

7. The Sherbro and Its Hinterland by Thomas Joshua Alldridge (1901)
"Most of this trade is now diverted, and the rubber shipped direct from the French port of Konakri. It seems a great pity that the natives of the Sherbro ..."

8. West Coast of Africa, from Cape Spartel to Cape Agulhas: Including the by United States Hydrographic Office, United States, Hydrographic Office (1893)
"Konakri, the factory of the Senegal company, ... Large steamers lie about 1} miles off Konakri, but with a strong tideway between them and the shore. ..."

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