Definition of Mantoux test

1. Noun. Tuberculin (a derivative of tubercle bacillus) is injected intradermally; a red area appearing 1-3 days later signifies an exposure (past or present) to tubercle bacilli and the need for further testing.

Definition of Mantoux test

1. Noun. (immunology) A skin test for tuberculosis, involving an injection of PPD (purified protein derivative). ¹

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Medical Definition of Mantoux test

1. A test for prior exposure to the organism that causes tuberculosis. This tests tuberculin reactivity by the injection of purified protein derivative into the skin of the patient. The injection site is examined after 2-3 days and a positive reaction is indicated by reddening of the skin around the injection site. The reaction is a sign of T-cell mediated immunity. A positive test indicates current or previous infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, or a successful previous vaccination. (12 Mar 2008)

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Literary usage of Mantoux test

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"The most accurate tuberculin skin test is the Mantoux test, in which 5 units (5 TU) of tuberculin purified protein derivative (PPD) are injected ..."

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"How to Perform the Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test • Perform the Mantoux test by giving an intradermal injection of 0.1 ml of 5 tuberculin units (TU) of ..."

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