Definition of Mary McCauley

1. Noun. Heroine of the American Revolution who carried water to soldiers during the Battle of Monmouth Court House and took over her husband's gun when he was overcome by heat (1754-1832).

Exact synonyms: Mary Ludwig Hays Mccauley, Mccauley, Molly Pitcher
Generic synonyms: Heroine

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Literary usage of Mary McCauley

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of the American-Irish Historical Society by American-Irish Historical Society (1913)
"William Gray and Mary McCauley, May 28, 1723. John Burk and Lettice Donnolly, November 6, 1723. Joseph Carey and Ann Sargent, December 3, 1724. ..."

2. History of Hampshire County, West Virginia by Hu Maxwell, Howard Llewellyn Swisher (1897)
"AW McCAULEY, farmer near Three Churches, son of Jacob and Mary McCauley, was born 1844, of Irish ancestry ; married, 1867, Priscilla, daughter of David and ..."

3. Annals of Henrico Parish by Lewis William Burton, Robert Alonzo Brock (1904)
"February 14—Henry Semler, aged 40 years; Oakwood Cemetery. February 26—Vernonia Mary McCauley, aged 2 months and 20 days; Oakwood Cemetery. BY REVS. ..."

4. History of Pembroke, N. H.: 1730-1895 by Nathan Franklin Carter, Trueworthy Ladd Fowler (1895)
"1803, Mary McCauley ; lived in Dunbarton ; and d. 20 June 1827. She was b. 20 July 1777, and d. 13 Aug. 1855. Cb : 2. Sally « b. 15 Feb. ..."

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