Definition of Beef plant

1. Noun. South American plant having green to purple or red branches with green to purple ornamental foliage and spikes of insignificant woolly flowers with dry membranous bracts.

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Literary usage of Beef plant

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Floral Decorations for the Dwelling House: A Practical Guide to the Home by Annie Hassard (1876)
"THE GLADWIN AND ARBUTUS FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES. OT until lately has the variegated form of the common Roast-beef Plant (Iris ... beef Plant ..."

2. Familiar Wild Flowers by Frederick Edward Hulme (1902)
"To some, however, this odour has been compared to roast beef; hence another common English name is the roast beef plant. This is indeed a case where ..."

3. Duffy's Hibernian Magazine: A Monthly Journal of Legends, Tales, and Stories (1861)
"Shrinking from the breeze and sunshine may be noted the heavy black- streaked purple flowers of the familiar roast-beef plant (Iris ..."

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