Definition of Cablecast

1. Noun. A telecast via cable television. ¹

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Definition of Cablecast

1. [v -ED, -ING, -S]

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Literary usage of Cablecast

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Copyright Licensing Regimes Covering Retransmission of Broadcast Signals edited by Howard Coble (2001)
"... satellite, or cablecast rights.31 Nonetheless, in the absence of a compulsory license, major professional 27 Little basis exists for complaints that the ..."

2. Adult Literacy And New Technologies: Tools For A Lifetime by Office of Technology Assessment (1994)
"... surveying the current availability and use of broadcast-quality video programming identified five literacy series created for broadcast and cablecast. ..."

3. Coming Up Taller: Arts And Humanities Programs For Children And Youth At Riskby Judith Humphreys Weitz by Judith Humphreys Weitz (1997)
"A new TV show is cablecast every 2 weeks throughout the school year. Hard Cover will celebrate its 10th anniversary this summer. The teamwork and individual ..."

4. The Second Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment: Proceedings by Yusuf Pisan, SIGART. (2005)
"... just stopping to see a few seconds of each cablecast channel) that most of the scanned programs would be over before the entire system was checked. ..."

5. Overcoming Barriers to the Utilization of Technology in the Classroom edited by Constance A. Morella (2001)
"... Conferences materials • Action research » On-line tutorials and courses • Teleconferencing • cablecast programs • Just In Time Support • Training in the ..."

6. Large Scale Coastal Behavior (1993) edited by J. H. List (1995)
"To maintain complete record (political file) of all requests for cablecast time made by or on behalf of candidates for public office, together with an ..."

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