Definition of Conditional relation

1. Noun. A logical relation between propositions p and q of the form 'if p then q'; if p is true then q cannot be false.

Exact synonyms: Implication, Logical Implication
Generic synonyms: Logical Relation
Derivative terms: Implicate, Implicational, Imply

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Literary usage of Conditional relation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Electromagnetic Theory of Light by Charles Emerson Curry (1905)
"... such would be a single system of differential equations with three variables and one conditional relation between those variables (potentials), ..."

2. An English Grammar: Methodical, Analytical, and Historical. With a Treatise by Eduard Adolf Ferdinand Maetzner (1874)
"In olden times the conditional relation was more sharply separated from the exceptive. To the latter belong the particles but and the subsequent мп/t'is, ..."

3. The Working Principles of Rhetoric Examined in Their Literary Relations and by John Franklin Genung (1900)
"clauses as indicating the conditional relation. 47. The art of subordination—what to make subordinate and what principal — is something requiring much study ..."

4. On Principles and Methods in Latin Syntax by Edward Parmelee Morris (1901)
"The negative particle negatives the conditional relation and therefore the two are associated together. The association of quamuis as a conjunction with a ..."

5. The Academy: A Journal of Secondary Education by Associated Principles of the High Schools and Academies of the State of New York (1890)
"The conditional relation is inherent in the reciprocal attitude of the elements involved, and is not a secondary result of some other relation distinctly ..."

6. A Latin Grammar for the Use of Schools by Johan Nikolai Madvig, George Woods, Thomas Anthony Thacher (1892)
"When we have a conditional proposition in the indicative, expressing the conditional relation simply and without any accessory signification, ..."

7. Theory of Differential Equations by Andrew Russell Forsyth (1906)
"... suppose that the conditional relation is identically satisfied : in that case, each coefficient in the relation must vanish. As U then vanishes, ..."

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