Definition of Female genital organ

1. Noun. External female sex organs. "In England `fanny' is vulgar slang for female genitals"

Exact synonyms: Fanny, Female Genitalia, Female Genitals
Group relationships: Female Body, Female Reproductive System
Specialized synonyms: Minge, Cunt, Puss, Pussy, Slit, Snatch, Twat, Vulva
Generic synonyms: Crotch, Genital Organ, Genitalia, Genitals, Private Parts, Privates
Terms within: Vagina

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Literary usage of Female genital organ

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal (1852)
"Primarily, a complete independence subsists between the male or female genital organ and its excretory duct. (It is scarcely necessary to observe that this ..."

2. The New Sydenham Society's Lexicon of Medicine and the Allied Sciences Henry Power, Leonard William Sedgwick, New Sydenham Society by Henry Power, Leonard William Sedgwick, New Sydenham Society (1888)
"The part of the male genital organ which serves for the introduction of the semen into the female genital organ. ..."

3. Manual of the International List of Causes of Death: Based on the Second by United States Bureau of the Census, Cressy Livingston Wilbur (1911)
"... of uterus Fibroid body of uterus Fungous growth of uterus of cervix of uterus uterus tumor of female genital organ uterus Fibroma (female) of uterus ..."

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