Definition of Genus Hippopotamus

1. Noun. Type genus of the Hippopotamidae.

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Literary usage of Genus Hippopotamus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Palaeontology for the Use of Students with a General by Henry Alleyne Nicholson (1872)
"This group contains only the single genus Hippopotamus, characterised by the massive heavy ... The genus Hippopotamus may be divided into two sub- genera, ..."

2. Palaeontology or a systematic summary of extinct animals and their by Richard Owen (1861)
"It may be regarded as part of the same general concordance of geographical distribution, that the genus Hippopotamus, extinct in England, in Europe, ..."

3. Records of the Geological Survey of India by Geological Survey of India (1875)
"1038), under the name of Hippopotamus dissimilis is placed under the genus Hippopotamus, with the remark — "Je pense que cette espèce est la même que celle ..."

4. Transactions by Thomas Southwell, Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society (1879)
"... in the old land surface under-lying the crag in the forest-bed, and dredged up off the Norfolk coast from post-glacial deposits. Genus HIPPOPOTAMUS. ..."

5. A History of British Fossil Mammals, and Birds by Richard. Owen (1846)
"the genus Hippopotamus, extinct in England, in Europe, and in Asia,* should continue to be represented in Africa and in none of the remoter continents of ..."

6. Catalogue of the Fossil Mammalia in the British Museum, (Natural History) by Richard Lydekker (1885)
"... with four columns, which present trefoil- shaped disks on their worn surfaces. Genus HIPPOPOTAMUS, Linn.1 Including ..."

7. Outlines of Geology: Intended as a Popular Treatise on the Most Interesting by John Lee Comstock (1841)
"genus Hippopotamus. There is only one species of this animal living; but Cuvier has determined two or three others, existing in the fossil state. ..."

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