Definition of Golden stars

1. Noun. California plant having grasslike leaves and showy orange flowers.

Exact synonyms: Bloomeria Crocea, Golden Star
Generic synonyms: Liliaceous Plant
Group relationships: Bloomeria, Genus Bloomeria

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Literary usage of Golden stars

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital by John Beauchamp Jones (1866)
"Mr. Pollard sees his enemy with three golden stars on each side of his collar. -The retreat of Sherman seems to be confirmed. Gen. ..."

2. American Druggist (1891)
"... and lycopodium are used in theatres, potassium nitrate with lampblack for golden stars, copper filings for green, and zinc for blue, etc. Composition. ..."

3. The Æneid of Virgil by Virgil (1910)
"Then clamor infinite uprose and smote The golden stars, as round Camilla slain The battle newly raged. To swifter charge The gathered Trojans ran, ..."

4. Mycenæ: A Narrative of Researches and Discoveries at Mycenæ and Tiryns by Heinrich Schliemann, William Ewart Gladstone (1880)
"THE FIRST SEPULCHRE. more diadems of gold — Crosses of double leaves of gold — golden stars—A gold brooch, and other ornaments — Necklaces and bracelets ..."

5. The Sunday Magazine (1880)
"She looked out, and all the golden stars л the wide heaven looked down upon it; great sea, while far away in the East ага-г the first faint pro n ise of the ..."

6. The Nile Boat: Or, Glimpses of the Land of Egypt by William Henry Bartlett (1852)
"... the spectator next advanced from this corridor into the Grand Hall, the azure roof of which rose above his head, studded with golden stars, ..."

7. The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, Henry Justice Ford (1901)
"THE BOYS WITH THE golden stars ONCE upon a time what happened did happen : and if it had not happened, you would never have heard this story. ..."

8. Sacred Archæology: A Popular Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Art and by Mackenzie Edward Charles Walcott (1868)
"From their roofs, powdered with golden stars, the chancels of St. Mary's, Stamford, and Tonge are called the golden choirs. Seven stars—the Great Bear, ..."

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