Definition of Golden thistle

1. Noun. Any of several spiny Mediterranean herbs of the genus Scolymus having yellow flower heads.

Generic synonyms: Thistle
Group relationships: Genus Scolymus, Scolymus
Specialized synonyms: Scolymus Hispanicus, Spanish Oyster Plant

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Literary usage of Golden thistle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Works of John Moore, M. D.: With Memoirs of His Life and Writings by John Moore (1820)
"... I caused the maker to inlay the first with a golden thistle, with the inscription, Nemo me impune lacessit ; and the cither with a cat rampant, ..."

2. Enquiry Into Plants and Minor Works on Odours and Weather Signs by Theophrastus (1916)
"... though golden thistle, which is also called 'meadow-thistle,'6 ... differs : golden thistle blooms late n and is in bloom for a long time. Plin. 22. ..."

3. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture: A Discussion for the Amateur, and Liberty Hyde Bailey by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1917)
"3580) is the vegetable known as golden thistle or Spanish oyster plant. ... Spanish salsify, or golden thistle.—Scolymus hispanicus. ..."

4. Hortus Kewensis; Or, A Catalogue of the Plants Cultivated in the Royal by William Aiton (1812)
"Annual Golden-thistle. Nat. of the South of Europe. Cult. 1633, by Mr. John Tradescant, Sen. Ger. emac. 1\55. f. 2. Fl. July and August. HQ 2. ..."

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